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Here’s Why It’s Getting Harder to Fill IT Jobs

  It’s no secret that the tech scene is booming across the nation, and if you’re feeling the heat to get the best tech pros on your team, you’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are confronted with rising trends in digitalization, globalization, changing consumer habits, and generational shifts, and at the heart of these changes lays […]

We like who are

If you’re paying close enough attention in the tech crowds, you’ll hear a lot of recruiter-hate to be found in the industry these days. In this well-connected atmosphere that we’re all operating in today, bad business practices have little place to hide. And as recruiting horror stories stack up as they find their way to […]

Hiring Strategies in a Tough Market

              Why Hiring Tech Pros Has Never Been Harder and What to Do About It It’s no secret that the tech job market is candidate-driven, and that organizations large and small face significant challenges in finding and attracting the best people. With IT demand far outstripping supply, every role […]

Case Study: Startup Passion

Startups can be a rollercoaster and everybody knows it. Finding high-end talent with the drive to be part of something new and meaningful, who will sacrifice the 9-5 and even market rates to build something from scratch—that can be a challenge. Not to mention that without a fully developed hiring process, startups will often need […]

Stronger Performances Through Mentoring

The Information Age being what it is, there is no dearth of sources for information and expertise. We research online and offline. We listen to guest experts and watch educational programs. We read books, newsletters and magazines. We hire consultants. But where do we go for ongoing wisdom? To whom do we turn for experienced […]

Quiz: How Well Do You Motivate Others?

Pay, praise and promotions may have some effect on motivation levels in the workplace. But these three Ps pale in comparison to more personal factors, such as the Top 5 of the oft-cited research by Rewick and Lawler: job challenge, accomplishing something worthwhile, learning new things, developing skills and abilities, and autonomy. Take this Self-Quiz, […]

Maintaining Efficient Processes

Efficiency in a work process is difficult to maintain. Over time, processes that were once efficient become tangled by outdated documentation, inconsistencies in work patterns, and by managers bypassing problems with workarounds instead of stripping away bad practices to get back to basics. Typically, new hires are taught these workarounds and even the best processes […]

Managing a Difficult Employee

Difficult employees come in all forms but none are so frustrating as the brilliant employee who is impossible to work with. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings famously said, “Do not tolerate brilliant jerks. The cost to teamwork is too high.” And we agree. Such an employee creates a conundrum for managers, but learning to draw out […]

Performing Under Pressure

Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry co-wrote a helpful book called, “Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most.” The gist of the book is to simply do what you already know how to; if you’ve landed a great job, it is because you were qualified and you were simply showing […]

Why Use an Outside Recruiter?

The traditional means of finding new employees is something many companies prefer to do. There are perks, however, to using an external recruiter to do the hunting on behalf of your HR or management department. Recruiters Live to Recruit Hiring managers and HR reps a lot of work to do that is completely separate from […]