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Tips for Nailing Your Interview

  Recruiters are a job-seeker’s best friend and will advocate for you to your future employer, and work with you to prepare you to land the job. But once you’re in the interview, it’s on you to do your thing. Don’t forget these 5 tips for nailing the interview. Prep! Prep! Prep! Your nerves alone […]

Noting Transferable Skills for a Job Change

When creating or polishing up your resume, a key to standing out is to highlight your transferable skills. Even if you are changing fields completely, many experiences and skills can work in differing careers. Knowing which skills are transferable and knowing how to communicate this knowledge is vital. It starts by demonstrating that you understand […]

Top 3 Mistakes in Maintaining or Updating a Resume

1) Failure to Continually Update Your Resume The longer your career moves forward, the longer your resume will become. And not all job histories/details will be pertinent to a position you are applying for, although you may need those details for a future position. So keep a master resume handy. Having a master resume that […]

We like who are

If you’re paying close enough attention in the tech crowds, you’ll hear a lot of recruiter-hate to be found in the industry these days. In this well-connected atmosphere that we’re all operating in today, bad business practices have little place to hide. And as recruiting horror stories stack up as they find their way to […]

Tips for Using a Recruiter in Your Job Search

Job seekers set themselves apart from others in the race by teaming up with job recruiters. Many hiring managers prefer to work with recruiters as it expedites the hiring process  and secures the right candidate for the job. A recruiter also works hand in hand within their network and can therefore better find a job […]

Hunting for Job While Employed

While it is often true that the presently-employed have a greater chance of receiving job offers when applying for positions, finding the time, energy and intentionality to balance working and job-searching can be taxing. Whether you are seeking a greater challenge, a more competitive salary, a more suitable location, greater stability, or the opportunity to […]

Adapting to Your New Role

So you’ve landed a new job. Congratulations! You’re coming to find, as expected, that the new responsibilities and higher pay means greater expectations that require you to learn a whole set of new skills and to work twice as hard. Keep these tips in mind as you manage the stress of your new responsibilities once […]

The Changing Job Search

As it goes, time changes all things, and with a moving technology in the modern world, the job search is no different. Here are a few ways in which your typical job search is changing. You’re being Googled. Recruiters are utilizing search and social media sites like Google, Linkedin, and even Facebook to get a […]

Remaining Positive During the Hunt

The job search process can be a tedious and even discouraging one; nobody enjoys the “Thanks for your interest but…” e-mail response, or awaiting a call back that doesn’t come after sending out a strong resume. These things can make even the most tenacious job-hunter lose steam. Here are a few things to remember that […]

Top 10 Ways to Light a Fire Under Your Career

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the melting snow, blooming flowers and birds serenading their siren song of…Spring cleaning. Just like a home needs to be cleared to free up space and energy, so, too, does every successful career need a good spring cleaning to make room for the new opportunities […]