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If you’re paying close enough attention in the tech crowds, you’ll hear a lot of recruiter-hate to be found in the industry these days. In this well-connected atmosphere that we’re all operating in today, bad business practices have little place to hide. And as recruiting horror stories stack up as they find their way to the surface, trust in the tech recruitment industry has taken a hit. You can sense it when you start to see that even influential recruiters and thought leaders have begun to bash their own industry to try to put distance between themselves and the fractured landscape they live in, as if to say on repeat, “Listen, I know it’s ugly out here, but I’m not like them. I’m different.”
Suddenly, that is the best sales pitch we seem to be able to muster. Suddenly, everybody’s pitch is “we are different.” And if everybody is different, then maybe this general aura of distrust was all based on an illusion. The bad recruiters are some mythical creature from the past, and those of us still standing are the salt of the earth.

Look, technology is a great industry. It is an industry driven by a smart, adaptable, community that calls it like they see it. And talk is cheap. If our big pitch is that we’re not as bad as the other guy, then we learned nothing from the trauma that was the most recent Presidential election season.

At MatchSource, we don’t want to persuade you that we’re the first of our kind in this industry. We’re happy just to do great work. We’re not great because of who we’re not; we kind of like who we are. Our clients do, too. Always have. Our consistency would be boring if it wasn’t rare.

So who are we?

Firstly, we’re listeners. We’re good at what we do because we care. We listen to your vision for a role, to your pain points so far in filling it, to the type of people that are successful in your environment, to the types of skills you need to get the job done, to the atmosphere, culture, and team you’re trying to build, the problem you’re trying to solve, and so on.

Then, we ask questions. We don’t throw things at the wall to see what sticks, we learn from you. When you pass on a candidate we liked, we’ll ask you why. And we’ll adapt. We’re not trying to make a placement, we’re trying to find the person you can’t live without.

And to do this, we need to be able to sell you. We care about your brand, and consider ourselves an extension of it. We only work with companies we can be sincerely excited to recruit for. We must be able to honestly believe this is a great place to work for the candidates we work with. We learn what makes you great, and we pitch it. We help you attract great people to your opening.

And can we just be honest? We know you don’t care where we find your dream hire. Our pitch isn’t that we have access to a special tool or secret community of people nobody else knows about. Our pitch is that wherever your perfect candidates are to be found, that’s where we’ll find them. We’re tenacious like that.

None of this to mention that we’re awesome communicators and easy to reach. We like to say we’re “Big enough to deliver, and small enough to care.” We thought it was catchy, but mostly because it’s true. Give us a call. Like we said, we’d prefer to show you than tell you.

By Adam Vega

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