Testimonials – Employers

Niki is one of the most genuine and prolific recruiters I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She doesn’t send random resumes to us, but rather carefully examines each candidate after thoroughly studying up on the exact type of candidate that would make our company most successful. I’ve never met a recruiter as amazing as Niki. She does such a great job and I HIGHLY recommend her!!!

Renji Bijoy, CTO/Co-Founder

Niki is the most pleasant but persistent recruiters I know. If you need someone in the IT field, Niki is the only person you will ever need to speak to. She will find you the perfect candidate no matter what it takes. I really cannot express how much I appreciate her pleasant attitude, incredible tenacity and excellent knowledge.

David T. , CEO

We were skeptical about using a search firm to fill our position. Why spend extra money to find someone when so many other “do it yourself” options exist? Niki Atherton is the value add. Niki contacted me about the position and tailored her search around our specific qualifications. Her pointed questions allowed her to really capture the essence of our needs. Throughout the entire process, Niki was pleasant, professional and extremely conscientious. Niki did a great job for us!

Eric , CTO

Matt was a pleasure to work with, he was able to find position that fit my particular set of skills. I would recommend Matt to any company that is looking to fill in any Developer positions, as he understands the technologies being used, and the skills required to implement them.

Hiring Manager

Y.J. - Hiring Manager

Matt was very helpful with finding the best estimator / project manager for our firm. I highly recommend him

Gary M., CTO

I have worked with MatchSource for recruiting over the last few years. They have helped fill openings that we had that were of a unique skill set, and was quickly able to provide us with qualified candidates. The MatchSource team is very responsive, and continually strives to provide us with those candidates who best match our needs. Based on past experience, I will continue to work with them for my recruiting needs.

David R., IT Director

We had very special requirements for our open position that made our search difficult. Enter Niki Atherton. She scoured candidates of rour exact specifications and then brought us a list of highly competent people who were well qualified for the position and our culture. Niki’s responsive and enthusiastic follow through contributed to our ability to conduct our search within a strict time frame. We are now enjoying the results from our new emploee thanks to Niki’s hard work. We will use her again as we grow.

Dan O'BrienCTO