Case Study: Startup Passion


Startups can be a rollercoaster and everybody knows it. Finding high-end talent with the drive to be part of something new and meaningful, who will sacrifice the 9-5 and even market rates to build something from scratch—that can be a challenge. Not to mention that without a fully developed hiring process, startups will often need to place recruiting and hiring responsibility on someone who needs to step away from his/her core competencies to handle it.

Hiring for a startup is an exercise in maintaining the culture you are working to build, and to do this, you need to be great at telling your story—and building the excitement in candidates just like you did your venture capitalists. With a startup, you need to say “no” to even the best candidates if they will not gel with your team.

Working with a high-growth Chicago startup recently, we took the pain out of the hiring process and helped their growing team stay productive by entrusting the search process to our passionate team of recruiters. By really investing time to understand the founder’s vision for the company and the roles they needed to fill, we were able to become an extension of the team and really sell the enthusiasm and passion to top talent in the Chicago marketplace. By helping them fill a crucial leadership role early on in their history, we were able to provide stability and really gain the trust of the organization, who has now entrusted us with all their recruiting needs.

At MatchSource, we won’t like to brag, but if we didn’t believe we were better than your run-of-the-mill Chicagoland tech recruiting agency, we wouldn’t bother. Our clients regard us as partners—our search efforts are fine-tuned in regards to skill, experience, and culture fit. We are the best communicators in the industry, valuing client feedback and taking immediate actionable steps to improve our efforts on our clients’ behalf as we learn more and more about their vision, needs, and culture.

We would love to hear your story and have an exploratory conversation about the potential to build a recruiting relationship with your team.  Why don’t you give us a call?

by Adam Vega

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