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Managing an Oversized Workload

In the business world, most everyone answers to someone and everyone’s someone must quantify whether or not his or her team is on task. Managing a group that has too large a workload can result in failure to meet service level expectations and turnaround times, which can overshadow the hard work being completed and cause […]

No More (IT) Meetings

Meetings expert, Al Pittampalli, hates meetings! So much so that he writes books like, “Read this before your Next Meeting,” to inform workers of the utter uselessness of the dreaded business assembly. He was brought into Fortune 1000 companies, including NASA and IBM while working as an IT advisor for Ernst and Young LLC to […]

Horrible Bosses!

These three habits are sure to make you a drag to work for. Could you be one of these horrible bosses? Horrible Boss One: The Micro-Manager. A micromanager is not really a manager. A manager is someone who can properly hire, train, motivate, and delegate responsibility with quantifiable success factors; there would be no purpose […]

Geek Speak

Many techies find it challenging to communicate technical information to technologically-challenged people. What should be a brief run-down of an IT issue at the end of the day could easily stretch over hours between such differently-wired individuals. It is very important that techies know how to communicate their IT world to non-technical parties, whether for […]

New Employees Feeling Lost?

            Management Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Approach When onboarding a new hire, as a manager you have an opportunity to set the stage in leading and supporting a healthy, productive employee. This new position represents a major life change for your new hire, who is sure to […]

Top 10 Ways to Support Your Team

A leader’s job is to ensure that the highest level goals of the organization are realized. As long as you are committed to the success of the group, you are leading. Below are 10 ways to support your “team” whether that is a formalized project team or an informal grouping of employees. 1.   Set direction; […]

Giving an Effective Technical Interview: What You Need to Know

When it comes to finding high-quality IT talent, businesses are scrambling more than ever to find the best candidates. Why? This is due to the fact that unemployment in this industry is lower than almost any other and fewer college graduates are choosing this path, resulting in a huge reduction in the talent pool. However, […]