Why Use an Outside Recruiter?

The traditional means of finding new employees is something many companies prefer to do. There are perks, however, to using an external recruiter to do the hunting on behalf of your HR or management department.

Recruiters Live to Recruit

Hiring managers and HR reps a lot of work to do that is completely separate from hiring new staff. Often times these individuals are put into positions to hire because of shifting within the company and their day-to-day doesn’t necessarily provide the time to hire correctly. Recruiters, however, do just that and only that. Their day-to-day is fixated on finding the best talent for the best jobs. Their two interests lay in seeking out quality employees and seeking out quality positions. They do this by getting to know the candidate through specific questions about goals, experiences, and accomplishments, and help to pair them up with opportunities that are a true match. In the same way, the recruiter knows the exact person your company needs to fulfill the role based on his or her conversations with you, the hiring manager, and your HR department. This reduces expensive turnover for departments prone to hiring the wrong candidate for the job.

Recruiters Have Access to a Talent Pool that You Don’t Have

Recruiters have resources that HR departments do not. They not only have tools and networks to find the best in the business but they call currently employed individuals who are hard at work at competitor companies. They hire them into your better opportunity. The traditional route has your HR often skimming through the resumes of unemployed, under-qualified, or disgruntled individuals.

Recruiters Can Find Top Talent Faster than You Can

Every day that your position remains vacant, it is costing you output. Filling it quickly with the wrong candidate will cost you in all kinds of ways, not the least of which is having to fill it again shortly down the line. Recruiters have the time and the pipeline to send you qualified, high-end candidates in less time.
If your company is still counting only on advertisements to job boards to fill its vacancies, it may be time to call on the help of a recruiter.

by Adam Vega