The Changing Job Search

As it goes, time changes all things, and with a moving technology in the modern world, the job search is no different. Here are a few ways in which your typical job search is changing.

  • You’re being Googled.

Recruiters are utilizing search and social media sites like Google, Linkedin, and even Facebook to get a read on candidates– sometimes trusting these sites more readily than the resumes sent directly to job ads.

  • Shorter is better.

It takes roughly 30 seconds for a recruiter or HR rep to scan a resume, so a very brief outline of your work history is all that is necessary (and if you want to grab their attention, also use a brief and catchy cover-letter).

  • You need to manage your professional brand.

As recruiters are using Linkedin and the like, it is important to pad your endorsements via those platforms. Spend less time updating your resume and more time networking and building a professional digital fan-base.

  • Paper is passé:

Don’t send in your resume on paper. Keep it updated and submit it digitally and send it via email.

  • Networking before resumes:

Social media outlets open up thousands of candidates to recruiters, and to stay in the loop you must also spend time networking. Get to know who is working in your field, or the field you want to go into, and spend more time investing in networking with those individuals. (It has always been that it helps to know someone in ‘the field,’ but today, you can become connected rather quickly!)

  • Get creative with nouns:

Recruiters use search tools that weed out future employees by the nouns that are placed within their digital resumes. Spend the time learning how to use ‘research words,’ for your Linkedin!

by Adam Vega

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