Tips for Using a Recruiter in Your Job Search

DidYouKnowStockJob seekers set themselves apart from others in the race by teaming up with job recruiters. Many hiring managers prefer to work with recruiters as it expedites the hiring process  and secures the right candidate for the job. A recruiter also works hand in hand within their network and can therefore better find a job that suits your wants and needs. Once you team up with your recruiter, use these brief tips to make the most of your partnership.

  1. Be Open, be honest!

Make sure that your resume is updated and honest. Lying on your resume or interview with your recruiter can only stall or completely hibash your hiring process. Even if you are not yet a fit for the available jobs because of your honest resume, recruiters hang on to resumes so that you can land a job you love and keep in the future.

2)   Keep your recruiter’s information as well

Even if you are happy in your current position keep the information of the person who has your resume on file as their network will only grow and positions not available to you before can open up. In tandem, keep in touch with your recruiter every so often to maintain an open dialogue and to gently remind him or her that you are still job hunting.

3) Listen to the middle man

While you might be eager or even desperate for that new position, your recruiter is a middle man, in the best sense; he or she has information on both sides of the situation and knows what the employer is looking for and what you are looking for as well. So be patient enough while your recruiter searches for your new position! Also, your recruiter may use their insight to instruct you through the interviewing and hiring process and you should heed their advice.

by Adam Vega

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