Remaining Positive During the Hunt


The job search process can be a tedious and even discouraging one; nobody enjoys the “Thanks for your interest but…” e-mail response, or awaiting a call back that doesn’t come after sending out a strong resume. These things can make even the most tenacious job-hunter lose steam.

Here are a few things to remember that can help to keep the hunt fresh and worth the extra work:

1) You Started Searching for a Reason:

Regardless of the number or forms of rejections you may receive in your job hunt, you began it for some specific reasons. Keep those reasons at the forefront of your mind each time you want to throw in the towel or start making excuses to give in. When you’re ready to make a change, stay at it.

2) Your Job Search is About You

It can be doubly discouraging when you have spent time, effort and energy in the hunt only to have someone you know land their dream job in half the time. Remember that the circumstances surrounding another person have nothing to do with the changes you are seeking or their timing. Focusing on the careers of others for any reason other than motivation during your job hunt will only distract you from the excitement of pursuing your next step.

3) Encourage Yourself

No one knows better than you the things you have accomplished in your previous roles that have grown you as an individual and as a professional. Recall the tangible and quantifiable things that you have mastered that make you qualified to move ahead to a position that will continue to challenge you. You’ve worked hard, you’ve accomplished a lot. Remind yourself of these things, and believe that the next step is coming.

4) Avoid Burnout
A quick way to become discouraged is to become obsessed. Job-hunting can be an exciting endeavor. If every non-working hour is spent fretting over the next opportunity, your positive outlook won’t likely last long. Maintain balance and enjoy some free time not spent looking for your next job.

by Adam Vega