Top 10 Ways to Support Your Team

GorillaBalloonsA leader’s job is to ensure that the highest level goals of the organization are realized. As long as you are committed to the success of the group, you are leading. Below are 10 ways to support your “team” whether that is a formalized project team or an informal grouping of employees.

1.   Set direction; don’t give directions. Trying to tell everyone what to do is micromanaging, not leading.

2.  Ask yourself the question: “Is what I’m doing helping the group to succeed?” Ask the group, too. If the answer is no, stop!

3.  Remind the group why it exists. A team’s charter can sometimes get lost.

4.  Align your team. Once goals are clear, help everyone match their part of the job to the goals.

5.  Ask questions. Explore with real curiosity the link between members’ actions and the team’s goals.

6.  Get out of the way. Stop being dazzled by your own brilliance. Let go and trust the power of teamwork.

7.  Keep an open mind. Sometimes what looks like insanity may make a great deal of sense.

8.  Make it easy for team members to get their jobs done. Take out the trash or order a pizza, if necessary.

9.  Choose your battles wisely. They’re a poor use of time. Issues that seem critical now often aren’t in the long run.

10. Spend time with your team. You’ll learn how to support them much better than by being aloof and alone in your office.

Author’s content used with permission, © Claire Communications