Testimonials – Job Seekers

Matt recruited me for my newest position, and I’ve honestly never had such a smooth and pressure-free relationship with a recruiter. He was knowledgeable about the company I was hiring into, and had quick turnaround times on any and all questions and concerns. Not only that but he was able to negotiate well on my behalf, he knows his stuff!

Aaron Calvache

Matt was very thorough and was able to make sure I would be a good fit for my new position. He took the time to listen to my needs and was able to present me with a great opportunity with an outstanding company.

Project Manager

Jake Husko

My overriding impression of Matt is that he is very sincere and was willing to take the necessary time to really get to know my career goals and requirements. One of my first experiences with Matt was a 1 hour phone call (after regular business hours) where he essentially interviewed me regarding my prior career experiences and my goals for the future. This was a real breath of fresh air, as I felt he was truly making an effort to understand me and where I want to be in the future. I work in a highly Technical field, and Matt had no problems helping me with the unique aspects inherent in these types of fields. During the time that I worked with Matt, he was always very responsive and helpful. He was able to find several potential employers that matched my criteria and coordinated all the interviews and eventually the paperwork. In the end he was able to find me an excellent position that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for new opportunities and challenges with their career.

Robert Strube

I really appreciate the patience and persistence on this whole thing this has been a great experience working with you and your company. I always loathed the whole staffing agency type thing as I think it was because I wasn’t really aware of what they actually did for the person looking for placement. It definitely is worth it 100 times over, basically eliminating all of the stress from traditional job hunting. There were a few ups and downs with the process none of which was Niki’s fault all handled with ease. I don’t think I’ll ever look for an employee OR look for a new job without working with Niki again. Stellar results is all that you can expect from Niki and her team.

Eric F.

Niki is a very diligent recruiter who found me many relevant leads in my job search(es), including a few which lead to impressive offers. She has a very good handle on interpreting skill sets and connecting you with the right people, and is patient, flexible, professional and communicative. I would definitely contact her again, and first, in any future employment search

Adam Sorna

Niki strived to make my job search easier every step of the way. She remained in constant contact at all times and consistently presented me with excellent opportunities while getting me in front of potential employers.

Nate Wilson

Niki is one of the best recruiters that I have worked with.She is very thorough in her work and goes a long way to match the perfect opportunity for you. She is punctual at each step of the process thus ensuring there are no anxious moments. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a change.

Anushree ShettyPMP

Niki is the one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. She is the go-to person when you are looking to move up in your career. She carefully reviews your background and helps you meet the best employers out there who have positions that matches your skill sets and career goals. She goes on to help you in every step of the process and always keeps in touch with you to answer any of your questions. Niki is very prompt and even goes out of her way to do things outside her expertise. She has this amazing ability to calm you through all the anxieties that comes along with the job hunting process. She exhibits great efficiency and is very enthusiastic. I will recommend Niki Atherton to anyone who is out in the market looking for a job or needs a career change.

Swapna SasidharanMS, PMP

Niki does great recruitment work. Each time I have worked with her I was impressed how well she managed the recruiting process. She is very personable and cares about connecting the right clients with the right applicants.

Josh Bair

Niki asked all of the right questions to understand my abilities and needs. She gave great advice and came through with an unbelievable opportunity.

Timothy Yoder