Job Detail

Sr Engineer

Entry level PhD Role!

In search of candidates who have successfully undertaken advances courses in thermodynamics, mathematics, fluid dynamics and numerical methods along with some level of coding experience in his/her research work. 

Maybe you have published one or two relevant papers in a good journal to showcase your skills.  Menotoring/training  in accordance to the needs of the job will be provided.

Position Summary

We are looking for a solver developer to join an exhaust aftertreatment modeling group which actively develops mathematical models and simulation tools for the catalytic monolith reactors  used in the exhaust gas aftertreatment applications .


  • Formulate mathematical models for flow through catalysts and gasoline and diesel particulate filters
  • Optimize solution algorithms for surface and heterogenous reactions
  • Develop kinetics mechanism for advanced automotive catalysts
  • Develop analysis of exhaust aftertreatment reactors
  • Develop and maintain computer codes as needed

Education and Experience

  • PhD in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering (Entry-level role)
  • Candidate must a possess strong background in applied mathematics or related field
  • GPA 3.6 / 4.0
  • Knowledge or experience with basic numerical methods


  • Coding – Fortran, C or C++ preferred

Excellent Benefits!

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