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Job Transition: Why the First Few Months Are Critical

          Job Transition: Why the First Few Months Are Critical Congratulations! After great effort and focused energy, you’ve finally landed a fabulous new position—one that is sure to advance your career and meet your work and personal goals in a way your old position never could. But don’t stop there. Getting […]

Top 10 Ways to Support Your Team

A leader’s job is to ensure that the highest level goals of the organization are realized. As long as you are committed to the success of the group, you are leading. Below are 10 ways to support your “team” whether that is a formalized project team or an informal grouping of employees. 1.   Set direction; […]

Counteroffers: Knowing When its Time to Go

Imagine this scenario: After becoming discontent with your current job, you find a new one that will be more interesting and more challenging. You inform your employer that you are leaving, submit your formal resignation, and plan to start your new job. Then out of the blue comes something you never expected – a Counteroffer, […]

Standing Out as Outstanding

Face it…it’s a “noisy” world out there. The average U.S. adult gets exposed to 2,000 marketing messages a day. Hundreds of candidates vie for individual job openings. Emails crowd our inboxes. Information from the Internet, television and printed media saturates our lives. “Your success depends on whether you quickly capture your target audience’s interest,” writes […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

Our surroundings play an important role in how we feel and, consequently, how we perform. Here are 10 ways to make your work environment support your best work. You will be shocked at how a few simple things can make a big impact 1. De-clutter. Do whatever it takes to bring order to your workspace. Clutter […]